Posted by: Paul | January 24, 2010

Sunday Worship

I go to the gym like other people go to church. That is, infrequently, usually on Sundays, and only when I’m feeling guilty.

It’s going to be an important part of my future, self-disciplined regime, exercise is. I’ve had a membership for almost 4 years but over that time average less than one visit per week. I try to make Sunday the day I stick to but holidays, illness and other commitments conspire to bring down the average attendence. I think I actually went three times in the same week once. Only once though.

The original plan was to swim during the week and do a proper workout at the weekend when I had more time. But having a child means that self-improvement, in addition to self-indulgence, takes a back seat to the needs of the little one. I begin to wonder what I did with all the time I must have had before Adam was born, but I don’t remember having any spare time then either. I had no regular clubs, hobbies, or social engagaments back then either – what on earth was I doing?

So the plan now is to swim twice a week once I finish work at Antenna. Early in the morning, so I experience this much vanuted burst of energy which will set me up for the rest of the day, invigorated and ready to get on with what’s to be done with the rest of my life. I’ll also be getting better value for my subscription which will in turn convince my wife it’s a cutback that’s not worth making – yet at least. Once I get a bit of stamina back and am building up my conditioning, I’m aiming to either cycle or, ideally, run to the gym rather than use the car (it’s 3 miles away). By then it will also be summer and I’ll feel more disposed towards such activities. I’ve also been trying to shift a stubborn 7 pounds for about a year with no joy – it’s clear my regime needs to go further.

Football update – I feel slightly better about Spurs being robbed of victory against Leeds yesterday by Arsenal being dealt the thrashing they so richly deserve to go out of the FA Cup. Two trophies down, two to go until the fifth trophyless season in a row Arsene. Couldn’t happen to a nicer club.


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