Posted by: Paul | January 18, 2010


The office was broken into over the weekend. Looks like just opportunist thieves who didn’t spend long here and didn’t take much. But still, it’s like a cold hand in your gut thinking about the fact that someone has been through your possessions, even if you don’t keep anything of personal value at work (they turned out all our drawers, and fortunately none of my team do!).

It’s the first time in my life that an area I spend any significant time in has been burgled. My wife’s grandfather’s house was also callously raided shortly after his death, which if anything I felt worse about than I do about the office. There’s something about taking advantage of the elderly and frail that just reeks of pure evil – at least here the company has adequate insurance and they didn’t do any significant damage except breaking a sliding door. The police came and took prints and photographs and we supplied the serial number of the missing computer just in case it crops up anywhere, but the little scumbags who took it have probably just fenced it for a bag of crack – it really was that hasty. Clearly they thought it looked a place where there would be laptops on every desk, that they could just chuck in a bag in less than a minute and make off with, but not so. Instead they opted for the heaviest thing they could possibly find, and I hope the sharp edges cut their fingers and the massive weight ripped their arms from their sockets trying to carry it down 10 flights of stairs.

11 years here and no burglaries – and 2 weeks from the end of my tenure and we get broken into! I feel like I’ve lost some kind of game, like I’m heading for the finish line and trip over my own feet!


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