Posted by: Paul | January 16, 2010

Duvet Day

One of those days today when you just want to go back to bed. Miserable weather – the snow has turned to relentless heavy rain. Bad news all over the radio – the aftermath of the terrible earthquake in Haiti continues to claim lives and the collapse of roads and other infrastructure is preventing aid getting through. And poor sporting results which admittedly pale into insignificance next to the events in the Caribbean, but Spurs yet again fail to capitalise and break down an inferior team – though the only reason we didn’t crush Hull like bugs was the excellent performance of their keeper, Boaz Myhill.

Blah. A headache is hampering my effectiveness this afternoon and shortening my parenting patience. I seriously hope I’m going to cope looking after Adam on my own 2 days a week! Will have to think of lots of varied things to keep him occupied. One of the frustrating things at the moment is the shortness of the two-year-old attention span. He will play on his own – but not for long. For instance, he will say he wants to draw. I will then spend a good few minutes getting everything out and setting it up for him, and then park him on the chair where he makes one mark on the paper, then promptly leaps down and runs away. The first time, you will chuckle. The tenth time that day begins to get a bit wearing.

Anyway, the more pressing concern will soon become not what to do with the Adam days, but the days which are my own. Or rather, what to do first. An “old friend” of an idea has pushed its way to the forefront of my mind again – in the cause of creating audio material to play in tribute to departing colleagues, both in the last couple of weeks and also on previous occasions, I have received many favourable comments (and more importantly, laughs). It’s something I really enjoy doing – either repurposing old interviews out-of-context to comic effect, or writing and recording bespoke material to gently rib those concerned. So I think the first personal project I will be trying to get off the ground is the sitcom intended for Radio 4. I’ll spend a good couple of weeks developing and writing the first episode to see if it flies, along with the synopses for a further five, and see where it goes from there. Stay tuned for progress reports.


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