Posted by: Paul | January 15, 2010

Gannet. Gannet.

I chuckled at the news that the BBC has been reprimanded for it’s promotion of U2 last year. I remember thinking at the time “this is great free publicity for them, how did they reconcile that within the Beeb’s no-advertising rules?”

Well, no advertising except advertising the Beeb anyway. The ads for Chris Evans’ new Radio 2 breakfast show are shameless self-promotion for both parties, despite the tagline – “starring you”.

I used to love U2 as a teenager. I picked up on them when Rattle and Hum was shown on TV for the first time – I was about 15 and only starting to get into music in a serious way. And U2 suited my serious, 15-year old self. My liking for them culminated in seeing them at Wembley on the Zooropa tour – I was there for the night when they inexplicably brought Salman Rushdie onto the stage. I bought all the back-catalog, and listened to Achtung Baby so many times I wore a tape out.

But over the years my tastes have modified a great deal, and I just can’t take them seriously any more. All the posturing and bombast which once filled me with inspiration and led to leaping around my bedroom thinking I was Bono, I began to see it for the pantomime it is. They have some great music in their back catalogue which will always be celebrated, but this video is a brilliant example of what they and their lack of ideas have become. And it also made me laugh until I cried.

Gannet. Gannet.


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