Posted by: Paul | January 14, 2010

The beginning of the end

The procession of leaving parties which is January 2010 is now in full swing. It really feels like the end of an era – and I hope that mine at the end of the month is the last for a very long time, for the sake of those staying behind to carry the fire ( (c) Cormack McCarthy). There is another one – joint this time – on Friday, and one more TBC. The UK office has never seen an exodus like it before. But my hope is that all the changes will ultimately prove positive, and allow Antenna to refocus and be all that it can be in the future – good luck everyone.

For my part, one thing I am looking forward to is collaborating with ex-colleagues in a non-Antenna situation, if we can make it work. Wheels turn, meetings arranged, plans drawn up, ideas generated…I’m hoping to have some fun with the opportunity rather than sequester myself in my hermitage in the Essex wilds and hibernate for a time. A change is as good as a rest – though a rest would be welcome, but at this point I feel I have to set at least some balls rolling to get some momentum up. If there’s one thing I know about myself it is how given I am to becoming distracted, or inertia in my case breeds fear, and fear must be avoided at all costs this year…

In terms of what I will miss about this place, something I will miss a great deal is working with the voiceovers. Our cast of thousands…well, dozens anyway. Our regulars are a wonderful bunch to work with, and I am particularly fond of the Japanese crew. I have a huge personal interest in Japan, and I will miss being able to ask absolutely boneheaded questions and receiving exceedingly polite answers in return! May our paths cross again soon.


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