Posted by: Paul | January 7, 2010

A dispatch from the Igloo – day 2

No sooner do I profess undying love for the snow than it stymies me. Working from home today as a paltry 5 inches closes every nursery and school in the country – excited kids gather round the morning radio announcments like they’re waiting for their lottery numbers to come up. Bingo! Our local nursery shuts its doors and I am left, quite literally, holding the baby.

Now, this is one of the major reasons I am leaving my job in due course – to care for, and spend more time with, our son. However, trying to maintain some sort of order and do at least a modicum of work from home while a whirling dervish of a 23-month old trashes the house is difficult, to say the least. And the toddler himself is in challenging form this morning:

“Adam, do you want to watch Thomas?”
“Adam, do you want a drink?”
“A biscuit?”
Blimey, not even a biscuit. “A nap?”
“Nooooooooo! Waaaaaaah!”

Of course, I know what he really wants. What he really wants is to be outside, in the snow. The one thing I cannot do and work at the same time. If he would only take a decent nap I can discharge at least some of my duties and have some snow time at lunch. Try telling him that.

So instead he is gratefully packed off to the Grandparents – who unfortunately for them are not in Madeira after their flight was cancelled. Bad luck, Mum and Dad – how about spending some time with your grandson as consolation?

Spending a few more minutes with one ear glued to a gripping Test Match before going to collect him. Can England hang on for a draw in Cape Town? Brave stand from Bell and Collingwood, then Colly falls…then Prior…now a referral for Broad…it’s a nailbiter!


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