Posted by: Paul | January 2, 2010

Tennant’s Extra

Enjoyed the last episode of David Tennant as Dr Who.  Not an obsessive about the show but I have watched all of it since the Chris Ecclestone “reboot”, and loosely followed it since the Peter Davidson days.  However, this particular one did have all the usual Russell T Davies holes:

What happened to The Master?  Did I just forget?  Amongst all the explosions I gave up trying to “make sense” of what was supposed to be going on at the end.  I loved John Simm’s performance as the character, it’d be a shame if he was gone for good.

How did they send Timothy Dalton and the rest of the Timelords to their doom?  Just blow up the Immortality Gate, was that it?

What was with the two with their hands over their eyes?  The Missus swore that the bloke (on the left) was Matt Smith, and so we spent half the episode expecting Tennant’s Doctor to die for good and be replaced by a totally different Timelord.  So much for that guessing game.

Who was the Woman in White?  The Doc’s Mum, is that what we’re supposed to think?  He clearly recognised her but it wasn’t well signposted.  Something for the new series, perhaps?

Why, when it’s up on the website, could they not show the teaser for the new series at the end of the show?

In other Xmas TV, also very much enjoyed 2009 Unwrapped – fantastic contribution from Cassetteboy, had all their hallmarks and was not at all surprised to see them in the credits.


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